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Lingerie for showing off your gorgeous curves

Every woman wants to accentuate the best parts of her figure during her boudoir photo-shoot.

But finding quality lingerie that isn’t made for a stick figure can be tough! Here are a few of my favorite lingerie pieces to show off those curves in style.


Lingerie for Curves


Ashley Graham lace bra

Ashley Graham body suit
$130 –

Oh La La cheri

Lip gloss
$9.75 –

Long wear lipstick
$8.25 –

Lime Crime lipstick

Lime Crime lipstick

One of my clients recently introduced me to her favorite online lingerie boutique that specializes in gorgeous high quality plus-size lingerie. Head over to Hips & Curves and browse through their beautiful lingerie pieces for your next boudoir shoot.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Remember, choosing your wardrobe for boudoir is all about finding the right fit and feeling confident. If you feel good in something, you’re going to feel like a goddess in front of the camera!

brunette woman in black lingerie and heels laughing on bed during boudoir photo shoot bloomington illinois

If you don’t already have a boudoir photo shoot scheduled, take a moment to fill out this form to set up your complimentary consultation. Because who likes to be photographed by a complete stranger?!


My Must-Have Lenses for Gorgeous Indoor Pictures {Bloomington, IL Photographer}

The best camera lenses for taking pictures indoors with natural light

So you have a “fancy camera” but looking at the controls and reading through the photography lingo is like a foreign language. You feel like you have wasted a pretty nice amount of cash on something that is not producing the “professional pictures” you had hoped for.

Well don’t fret my love, you’re going to learn to cut through the headaches and bs (pardon my french, but I’m known to swear on occasion…)

Today, I’m sharing with you all the one lens that completely changed my photography. If you are a photography beginner with a DSLR (you can change the lens) camera, I’m sure you have plenty of blurry images with a horrid orange cast/creepy glow or images taken with your pop-up flash that produced some pretty unflattering shadows. And you’re thinking you were going to be able to take professional looking pictures because you had your fancy professional camera.

SO frustrating, right?! Believe me, I was there too when I first bought my first Canon Rebel.

My first tip for you-turn off the lights. Yes, do it. Immediately. Now coax your kid into going towards a window. Not right smack dab in the middle with their shoulder touching the window, but close enough that you see some beautiful natural light on their sweet little messy face. It’s really important to stay away from harsh direct sunlight. This will completely blow out all of the details and just like your pop-up flash, will produce some yucky shadows. Then your adorable little toddler isn’t looking so adorable anymore…

So what now? How do I get soft, beautiful images like this with the creamy background?

older baby with strawberry blonde hair sitting on bed, natural light portrait

With a prime lens that lets in plenty of yummy natural light (no flash needed).

When I first started out in photography (about 7  years ago), I learned really quickly that my kit lens was crap. 18mm-55mm sound familiar? There was no way I was shooting indoors without pop-up flash with this lens. So I did my research and figured out that I really needed to pick myself up a prime lens, particularly a 50mm.

Since I shoot Canon, I’m just going to use Canon lenses for reference. There are three different 50mm lenses in the Canon lineup and you’re probably super confused on why there’s one for $1300, one for $350 and one for $110…quite the price difference, eh?

To put this in terms you’ll understand, the more light the lens lets in, the more expensive. So you don’t have $1300 lying around to spend on your photography hobby? No problem. I don’t even the 50 1.2 (the $1300 one), although it’s high on my wishlist 🙂 This leaves you with two (still stellar) options.

The 50mm 1.8 (which I started out with).


Nikon user? Here’s a comparable lens:

or the 50mm 1.4 (I loved this when I upgraded). It lets in more light, my images were sharper and the colors were brighter, more saturated and you get the even creamier background. This is still incredibly cheap when it comes to lenses and has a much better build than the 50 1.8.


Nikon Version:

**These are affiliate links. I would greatly appreciate you using my links if you end up purchasing. Thanks lovlies!

Since I bought my first prime lens 7 years ago, I’ve never used flash indoors again. I now have the 35mm, 50mm and 85mm primes and will never go back to zooms. If you’re interested in my Intro to DSLR workshop coming up in April, one of these lenses would be fantastic to have!

Haven’t signed up for my workshop/mentoring email list yet? Hop over here to join!

Guess what?! I’ve decided to offer a FREE 5 day email course for anyone interested in learning about their DSRL camera! The content will cover the basics of photography terms (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) and will be broken down into bite size nuggets each day so your mind has time to actually process the information.

Anyone who is on my email list will receive this free 5 day course. AND there will be a special subscribers only discount on the workshop that will be announced on day 5 of the email course. Get ready to learn how to take gorgeous images like this of your own kiddos this spring!


Bridal Model Call {A Styled Photo-shoot}

styled bridal photo shoot, makeup artist, fashion photography, bloomington illinois photographer

How many of you have your wedding dress stashed away in your closet, collecting dust and praying it’s not being eaten by tiny bugs?

For those of you who said yes, how many of you would absolutely love to have the chance to re-live getting dolled up for your wedding day?

AND be photographed by a nationally published women’s photographer?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, read on my lovely friends because this is for you!


My super talented stylist, Morgan Matlock, and I are holding a model call for a mock bridal party shoot. The images will be used for Morgan’s bridal portfolio to show off her mad hairstyling and makeup skills. To see some of Morgan’s beautiful work, hop over to her website


We are looking for three models. Two will play the part of bridesmaids and one will play the part of the bride. The shoot will start off at Moda Salon where Morgan will do each model’s hair and makeup. I will be there taking behind the scenes pictures and video while everyone relaxes and gets dolled up. After we’re done at the salon, everyone will head over to my home studio where we’ll take some editorial style images that will really show off the details.

You might thinking “this would be amazing but I’m not a model!!”

Well good! We’re not looking for professional models. Morgan’s clients are every-day women and that’s what she wants to show on her website. So all of you non-models who would love to have stunning fashion inspired portraits of yourselves, we’re looking for you!

The Details:

Shoot: Sunday, February 28th at 12:00

Bride Casting: Medium-long length hair, medium texture hair (between fine and course hair), no preference on hair color. Must have wedding dress. Vintage style dress preferred but not required. Natural (not tanned) skintone.

Bridesmaid Casting: No preferences for hair, although we will be looking for two very different looking models. Must own a formal dress in black or a bright jewel tone. Natural (not tanned) skintone.

To Enter:

Send an email to & with subject line “bridal model call” and include:

  • Headshot with natural makeup, hair down
  • Describe hair texture
  • Explain why you would like to model and if you are available for the whole day
  • Are you willing to sign a model release?
  • Send a picture of your dress

Please apply only if you are 100% sure you are available for the February 28th. It is extremely important that all models show up on time (10 minutes early is ideal).


In exchange for modeling, each woman will receive:

  • professional hairstyling and airbrush makeup
  • the chance to be a model for a day
  • welcome gift
  • one complimentary low resolution image
  • the option to purchase additional images as 10% off (please email cori@littlebellsphotography if you would like to see my product menu ahead of time)
  • blog feature on
  • feature on Little Bells Photography facebook page
  • featured on

Submissions must be in by Friday Feb 20th.

We will email the chosen models Monday, 22nd.

For any questions, feel free to contact Morgan at or myself at







The Senior Portrait Experience

boutique senior portraits bloomington illinois chicago, champaign, published photographer, little bells photography


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

-Rachel Zoe-

What is a senior portrait experience like with Little Bells Photography?

Modern. Fashion inspired. Totally unique. Luxurious.

Kayla knew exactly how she wanted to be photographed. Being a long-time modern dancer, she craved artistic portraits and soulful expressions. After our consultation, I knew I was meant to work with this girl. Her insane dance talent paired with my fashion magazine inspired approach would be a stellar combination.

Kayla and her mom started the day off at Moda Salon with my uber talented stepsister/stylist, Morgan Matlock ( We had already shared hairstyling and makeup ideas on Kayla’s private shared Pinterest board, so Morgan already knew what Kayla had in mind for styling. Kayla really wanted a couple of serious, fashion inspired portraits, so I knew that we could create something amazing in the studio.

To change up the mood, we headed Downtown Bloomington to give Kayla plenty of space for her dancing and jumping shots. Walking around barefoot through alleys and on the street, she jumped, twirled and posed as cars paused to watch. Who am I kidding? I was in awe, too!

Kayla has some serious style, so we left plenty of time for a couple of outfit changes. Take a look at some of our favorites to see how Kayla rocked her photo-shoot.

We are all so in love with her portraits and now Kayla and her family have a gorgeous leather album filled with her portraits and a beautiful heirloom wall canvas of her favorite image. And since I am all about fashion, I specially commissioned a fashion illustrator to sketch one of Kayla’s favorite images!

**Custom fashion illustrations are available with our top portrait collections**Fashion illustration, sketch, drawing, senior portrait




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beautful girl senior portraits, fashion inspired, boutique photography, central illinois, chicago, bloomington, portraits

free consultation with senior photographer little bells photography


Winter Boudoir Special


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