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Indoor Lifestyle Maternity/Newborn Session {Central, IL Photographer}

The weeks leading up to the birth of a child are filled with a pool of different emotions. When Brandon & Hannah asked me to photograph them for their maternity shoot, I knew that I needed to communicate the emotions they were feeling and their connection to each other. It’s so important to me that every image I present to my clients speak to them emotionally and honestly. I often say, when I’m culling through images from a session and deciding which ones to edit, I immediately throw out any images that don’t evoke some sort of an emotional response. You might wonder how I can feel emotion from looking at other people’s pictures. A huge part of my shooting philosophy is to get to know my clients-what makes them happy, what excites them, the different facets of their personalities, how they interact with each other, etc. If I am not emotionally invested in my clients, how can I accurately show them the very moments that they are trying so desperately to hold on to? It’s my mission as a photographer that my clients be able to look back at their photographs and instantly be taken back to that moment-to feel what they felt at that time in their lives. Our defining moments in life come and go so quickly. Our minds can only hold onto the details for so long before they start to get cloudy. Photographs are a means of transporting us back to those meaningful moments that have faded in our minds.

“Nostalgia-it’s delicate but potent. In Greek, “nostalgia” literally means the pain from an old wound. It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone – a feeling of a place where we ache to go again.”



And a preview of what’s to come…



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*Located in Bloomington, IL

Annie - March 5, 2014 - 4:47 am

This is so perfect! Soft and relaxed! That dog also cracks me up…my aunt’s dog “smiles” at me the same way.

Toddler Lifestyle Portraits {Bloomington, IL Photographer}

Since I was naughty photographer and neglected my blog last year, I’m starting out strong this year by catching up on past sessions. Yay for procrastination (as I secretly hang my head in shame)! This session is close to my heart because it’s our super adorable, super energetic nephew. And when I say energetic, I’m talking whoa, where does all that energy come from?! With toddlers, the worst thing you can do is expect them to sit still and look at the camera. You just have to immerse yourself in their world for a while and document life as it happens naturally. I came prepared with baseballs and bubbles as well as great location to explore. I even took time out to chase him around through the tall, golden prairie grass, pop bubbles AND have a crazy fun grass throwing fight. You might be wondering how have all of this energy? Simple-I don’t…I fake it. My heart was racing and I was huffing and puffing by the end of the session, but you know what? He had a blast, I got natural smiles and most importantly, my images were real. When I set out to photograph a child, I want to embrace their wonderful little personalities, and that includes moments of pouting, solitary faces, squealing with joy and everything that comes in between. Why do I always show a couple of images where little ones aren’t smiling? Because that’s part of who they are. Especially during the toddler years. It may be stressful to parents when a child is pouting during a photo-shoot, but I actually love it because I get to preserve that cute little angry face forever.


Shooting Indoors Using Natural Light {Bloomington, IL Photographer}

I don’t know about you all, but this polar vortex is killing me! I keep going through photos of my girls from last summer, longing to be outside in the warm sunshine with a soft breeze blowing through my hair. More importantly, we should be gearing up for outdoor spring sessions, but with a foot of snow outside and sub-zero temps, we might be stuck taking more pictures indoors. Living in the Midwest with our cold, overcast winters has forced me to learn a lot about how to utilize indoor light to produce stunning images. With that being said, learning how to shoot indoors is one of the most frustrating obstacles for newer photographers and consumers with DSLRs. Have you tried to take pictures of clients or your own kids indoors only to get weird color casts, blurry images and dark faces?

If you answered yes, I have some great news for you! I will soon be offering hands on one-on-one and small group mentoring sessions covering the basics on how to master shooting indoors with a DSLR. This will be open to photographers as well as non-photographers wanting to learn for personal use. I’m in the process of creating the electronic workbooks that each person who purchases a mentoring session with receive. Full details will be posted in the next two weeks.

Registration will open on February 28. One-on-one mentoring sessions will be $75 and include one hour of instruction, a PDF workbook and access to a private facebook group where you can ask me questions and post your work for critique. Small group sessions are $50 per person (up to three in a group), so if you have friends that would benefit, sign up together to get the discount!

  • It is recommended that students have a camera capable of ISO over 1600, as well as a lens that allows for wide apertures (f/2, f/1.8, f/1.4, f/1.2).
  • Students should already know how to shoot in manual mode (if you don’t shoot in manual but would like to learn, contact me for a separate mentoring session).

PRE-REGISTRATION early bird special is open NOW (special good through February27):

One-on-one mentoring is $60.

Small group mentoring is $35.

To sign up, please contact me at with subject header “Mentoring”. Please indicate whether you would like to sign up for the one-on-one or small group. Paypal invoices for the registration fee will be due within 24 hours of being sent. Registration fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full. For small group mentoring, each person must contact me separately.


Natural Light Boudoir {Bloomington, IL Boudoir Photographer}

As you are about to see why, Angela is one of my favorite women to photograph. This was her second boudoir session with me, so nerves weren’t really an issue because she already knew what to expect. When I found out she wanted to do another session, I secretly squealed inside because I adored working with her before (and I’m not going to lie-the camera really does love her). We met at my all time favorite coffee house, Coffee Hound (if you haven’t been there you are really missing out), tried our first Paleo breakfast cookie and sipped our delicious lattes while chatting about vintage lingerie, cat-eye liner and how voluptuous her hair should be.  We talked about her style icons, decades she liked, what she found beautiful and sensual and how we would incorporate all of those factors into her own session. A few days before her shoot, she sent me pictures of each outfit she was going to bring. My excitement set in…but pictures didn’t do these pieces justice. The shoot went beautifully and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Go ahead and see for yourself 🙂

Little Bells Photography Boudoir














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      Rules and regulations:

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A $200 non-refundable retainer is due within 24 hours of replying to the deal. A PayPal invoice will be emailed to you shortly after you respond. If you do not pay on time, your spot will be opened up. A signed portrait agreement will be required at the consultation. The remainder of the fee can be paid at the premier viewing session or can be split up into two separate payments ($150 due at viewing session, $150 due one month later).

If you would like to schedule a session for Valentine’s Day, the cutoff date is January 10th. Schedule your style consultation asap to set up your session date, as I take a very limited number of shoots per month.

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