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Cozy Sweater Boudoir {Bloomington, IL Boudoir Photographer}

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Women of all ages, shapes, and professions are intrigued by the thought of doing a boudoir photoshoot. However, I always hear, “I could never do that!” and “I’m not much for lingerie”. Well the good news is that boudoir doesn’t mean lingerie.

The actual definition is boudoir – a lady’s bedroom or private sitting room.

The whole point of boudoir is to celebrate what makes you feel beautiful, sexy, confident and most importantly, yourself. Do you feel sexy in a soft gray t-shirt and boyshorts? Or how about a pair of amazing fitting jeans that hug every curve and accentuate your toned Crossfit body? If you love soft, cozy fabrics and lounging in bed reading books, try a cashmere bra and undies set and bring your favorite book along to your shoot.

If the idea of wearing lingerie is the one thing holding you back from booking a session with me, remember that you decide how you want to be photographed. You can show up with nothing but a pair of white cotton boyshorts and the white tank top you wore under your jacket and I promise that you will still have stunning images.

For some cozy inspiration, take a look at Cynthia’s beautiful portraits!


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