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How to Overcome Your Fear of a Boudoir Shoot

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Last month in my facebook group, I guest hosted one of my past headshot clients, Cathy Huffman, who is a transformational life coach. After Cathy’s own shoot a couple of years ago, we kept in touch, met up for coffee dates and talked about life, business, any and everything. We got to talking about how much fear and resistance women have when it comes to booking a photoshoot. Now this topic was right up Cathy’s alley. She helps people (women are her target market) identify what limiting beliefs they have, how those beliefs are holding them back from living the life they actually want and how to move past and clear their limiting beliefs. With Cathy’s business aligning so well with mine, we decided to team up and create a 3 part series that would help all of you consciously realize the fears that are sabotaging your self worth and stopping you from booking a shoot. Her Peace & Power series was originally hosted in my ladies only facebook group, but we’ve decided to post the entire series here so more people can benefit!

Cathy’s videos and exercises will help you in various areas of your life, not just when it comes to booking a shoot. As I watched the videos each week right along with my group members, I found myself thinking of scenarios when fear has taken over and made decisions for me. Cathy actually helped me become much more conscious of my thought patterns. Now when I feel anxiety/fear/anger/resentment, I can immediately notice it, acknowledge where it’s coming from and why,  then use her techniques to let it go and introduce positive thoughts and affirmations. These little changes and strategies really do have a profound effect on our lives as long as we’re willing to keep practicing. If you’re here thinking about calling me for a shoot, but there’s something holding you back, take 30 minutes to watch these three videos, print the worksheets, download the extras and take the time to really think about WHY you’re hesitant. What will a photoshoot with me do for your self-esteem and how will that impact other areas of your life?

Are you curious about what other women have thought about their own photoshoots? Hop on over to the testimonials page to read real, emotional stories from my past clients.

VIDEO ONE:  Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs

download this week’s worksheet here

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VIDEO TWO:  Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

In addition to the video lesson, click here for Cathy’s powerful audio download that she describes in today’s video.

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VIDEO THREE:  Celebrate Your New Normal

In addition to the video lesson, click here for your exclusive “I Have Found Peace & Power” art print.

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Because Cathy is just so freaking awesome, she created a super secret extra video JUST for my readers! It’s a video lesson on “staying power”. And it is good. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one. Click the image below to watch!









As you watched the videos and did the exercises, you probably had all of these new revelations and questions…lots of questions about what to do next, where to go from here. Cathy would absolutely love to hear about your thoughts and questions! You can write her directly by visiting the contact page on her website. Click the image below and it will take you right to where you need to be.

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Having some fears and nerves around doing a boudoir shoot are completely normal. And when I say normal, I mean everybody experiences this! When I meet with women for their complimentary consultation (this is before you even decide to book a shoot), we talk about these fears, how to work through them and go over exactly what your shoot will be like. Worried about not knowing how to pose or looking silly? I’ve got you covered ladies. There’s a reason I continuously study under one of the best women’s photographers in the world-to give my clients the absolute best experience and portraits. I have complete confidence in what I do and that helps my clients feel confident in booking with me. Trusting someone to photograph you and bring out your best is a pretty big risk. You want and deserve the best damned portraits of yourself that you’ve ever had taken. And I promise to do that for you.

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A gorgeous silk box filled with your beautiful matted boudoir portraits or a modern linen album with sexy details shots would make a stunning and unique gift for your significant other AND yourself this holiday season! Because of the amount of time I devote to each client, our fall sessions are limited. If you would like your order to be ready in time for Christmas, our cut-off for shoots is the last week in November. We are taking between 6-8 shoots total between September-November. To set up your complimentary consultation and book your shoot, call me (Cori) at (309) 212-6359 or email with subject line “consultation”.

Office Hours: M-Th, 9 am-3pm

**Please allow 24 hours to respond to emails. While I would love to be able to respond right away, my days are often filled with photoshoots and meetings. Thank you so much and I hope to create some truly gorgeous portraits for you this fall!

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