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The Easiest Christmas Gift You’ll Ever Give {Boudoir Photography, Illinois}

I love Christmas. Holiday music is welcome in my home in October. Even though I was devastated when I finally manipulated my mom into admitting Santa wasn’t real, I still get all warm and happy inside when I think of the holiday season. It’s also no secret that I have a love affair with shopping. I was telling my friend the other day that I could be a professional gift giver–hmm is that a thing?! I would dominate at that…

Back to the point here. While I love finding unique, sentimental gifts for my loved ones that make them cry after they open it (yes I secretly enjoy this), my husband is a whole. other. story. Every year, every holiday/birthday I am dumbfounded on what to get him. He refuses to tell me anything he wants and when he does want something, he friggin goes out to buy it right away!

*note to my hubby-help a girl out!!

Ladies, please tell me I’m not alone here. Are your husbands/significant others just as hard to buy for? Does it make you want to pull your hair out just trying to think of a gift good enough for him??

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Are you ready?

Okay, so think of something your man loves and will never get tired of (well let’s cross our fingers right lol?!)

It’s YOU my dear.

Boudoir photography is the godsend for women with hard-to-buy-for men. Last year for our anniversary, I had my own session with a fab photographer friend in Danville (btw look up Bethany Burt of Rose Colored Glasses Photography if you need an amazing wedding photog) and surprised my hubby with a gorgeous 10×10 hot pink (because he regularly wears hot pink dress shirts-yes I’m being serious) linen album filled to the brim with my gorgeous images. He adored it!! Best anniversary gift EVER! Then Christmas came around 4 months later and I’m like “well crap, what am I supposed to get him now?”

Can you guess what I did?

I took my own boudoir self portraits. BOOM. Now that was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. It’s really hard to put on your sexy face when you’re freaking frustrated as hell with your remote timer and all you want to do is throw it into the wall…

But I pulled it off and quite beautifully I might add. This time, I ordered an album with a crystal cover, which made the album even heavier but feels so luxurious. He might have been speechless when he opened this one…and that’s a good reaction to have. He still looks at both albums (as do I, especially when I need a self-esteem boost), and I think I could give him a new album every single year and he would never tire of it. Speaking of feeling appreciated-hang your fave portrait in a gorgeous modern frame in your bedroom. Now that is the perfect start to any day!

So ladies, my friends, let me help you out this year. Let me take the burden of finding the perfect gift off of your shoulders. Give yourself a morning to be completely pampered by my truly fabulous stylist, Morgan, as you have your hair styled into those sexy Victoria Secret waves and your makeup expertly applied like your favorite beauty vlogger. Are you always in yoga pants or boring work clothes? Let’s glam it up like the gorgeous vixen that’s inside of you! Do you love feeling sexy in your favorite cheeky undies and a white tank–who doesn’t love the natural Jennifer Aniston look?

The whole point of a boudoir shoot is not for me to dress you up how I want to dress you. It’s about fulfilling your dreams of how you’ve always longed to be photographed. But if you feel hopeless when it comes to choosing flattering outfits and lingerie, I’ve got you covered. I am now offering an amazing personal stylist (and former rockstar client) at your disposal!! For an extra (totally worth it) fee, you will be able to have a phone consultation with her where you’ll discuss the areas you want to show off and any problem areas that you aren’t so crazy about. She’ll recommend types of lingerie or clothes to flatter your figure and will work with you on a private Pinterest board to help you shop. But wait…you need more help than that. You’re utterly clueless when it comes to choosing pieces for your body type. My wonderful Sarah will go shopping with you! And let me tell you-she is one of the most enthusiastic, lovable individuals you will ever meet. You will fall in love with her and her ability to dress you like a Hollywood starlet gracing the cover of GQ magazine.

It’s my personal guarantee that you will walk out of your photoshoot feeling confident as hell and ready to take on the world. And when your hubby opens his gorgeous album?? Expect to be treated like a freaking queen and be prepared to go to bed early that night…

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I have 7 spots left before December 10th.

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